The location was remarkable – an open area with a stunning view of the city immediately set the mood. In accordance with this, they started presenting the most stylish things – ultrabooks of the Swift and Spin series, as well as Switch transformers. In these series, the main emphasis is on the compactness and mobility of laptops. So, the top representative of the Switch 7 line of ultrabooks boasts a design with a thickness of only 9.98 mm.

After such light and pleasant devices, we moved on to the heavy artillery of gaming devices. And here Acer has room to turn around. First of all, we were pleased with the laptops of the Acer Gaming series, which offer users a cool gaming experience at a very competitive price. A feature of current models is an advanced cooling system. So that you understand – in some laptops, you can even replace the optical drive with an additional cooler. All for the sake of ensuring ideal performance without throttling the processor.

Next – more, that is – devices under the Predator brand. Of course, everyone was primarily interested in the monstrous giant 21X, but its more compact colleagues were not ignored. Especially when it came time to test laptops in games.

Game lovers will also appreciate two more cool Predator categories – desktops and monitors. Among the first, we were completely won over by the predator G1 – a compact desktop that fits comfortably even on the smallest table and that you won’t want to hide from the eyes of others.

Among the monitors, it was hard not to notice the 35-inch curved giant, which was simply created for battles in Mortal Kombat or FIFA. But even more compact models are not far behind and get maximum technical stuffing, including Tobii Eye Tracking technology, which allows part of the control to be carried out with the eyes.

You can see more about the presentation and comments of the marketing manager of MSI Ukraine in our video report.


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