The line of available Aspire laptops has been supplemented with a new Aspire 1 model, which, despite its “starter” format, provides the user with a high-quality user experience with a 180-degree folding screen, an Intel chip and an Acer Chiclet keyboard. Any laptop of the Aspire series can be further customized by expanding the amount of RAM and built-in memory.

Swift 1 and Swift 3 ultra-thin laptops have also been added. At a fairly modest price, they are distinguished by compact dimensions, thin frames around the display and a stylish metal body. The top solution of this series is still Swift 7 – the thinnest laptop in the world, only 9.98 mm thick.

Switch series laptops have become a fairly new niche in the Ukrainian market for the Acer company. They are distinguished by the ability to disconnect the keyboard if necessary, installed Intel Celeron/Pentium chips, as well as the additional ability to use the Active pen digital pen.

The gaming direction of Acer laptops has also undergone a big change – a line of Nitro laptops has appeared, which will occupy the niche of initial gaming devices. However, they will receive branded Acer Aeroblade coolers and GTX 1050/1050Ti video cards. Advanced gaming laptops Helios 300 and Triton 700 will be able to boast of Acer Aeroblade 3D coolers and top configurations with Intel core i-7 of the seventh generation and GTX 1060/1080 graphics cards.


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