Purchases made in a hurry are rarely successful. It is better to prepare for the school year long before it starts, slowly choosing gadgets that have the best value for money. Nowadays, dozens of manufacturers are fighting for the sympathy of buyers. In order not to blunder, you need to decide on the purchase budget and the characteristics that you should pay attention to.


A student cannot do without a laptop or a stationary PC. After quarantine restrictions and periods of distance learning, no one argues with this. The question is different – what kind of iron to buy. Desktop computers have an advantage in power, laptops have an advantage in mobility.

If you are choosing equipment for a boy that can combine study and games, take a closer look at a pair of system unit plus a monitor, in other cases the choice in favor of a laptop looks more logical. To create presentations, write essays, use training sites, a budget laptop with average productivity is more than enough. Another argument in favor of a laptop is its compactness, it does not take up much space.

Gadgets for study: from smart watches to laptops

For students, laptops are no less relevant. For them, compactness is even more important, since no one goes to lectures with stationary PCs. Many students prefer models whose key advantage is modest dimensions. We are talking about netbooks, ultrabooks, etc. For the humanities, the technical characteristics of laptops do not play a special role.

Higher requirements for hardware for students who are trained in specialties related to drawings, graphics processing. In most cases, a Windows laptop will be the right choice for studying. MacOS is not the best option, as there may be compatibility issues with university software.

Examples of suitable laptops:

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Noise canceling headset or headphones

With the advent of the pandemic, online learning has become more relevant. To calmly delve into the nuances of the subject, the student needs a headset. The sound in the gadget for study comes from a computer or laptop, so we choose the impedance in the range of 40-150 ohms. The sound quality is not necessarily so chic that it allows you to capture the nuances of complex musical compositions – a clear audibility is enough. For study, it is better to use overhead headphones, they are comfortable for a teenager for a long time. In-ear models and in-ear headphones are not considered.

  Headphones help you concentrate in class

A headset with a noise canceling microphone is a good choice. With her, even foreign languages ​​​​are given easily:

  1. The teacher clearly hears the student, catches mistakes in his speech and immediately shows the correct pronunciation.
  2. The student clearly hears the teacher, can adopt his pronunciation and intonation.
  3. The teacher only hears the student, even if the TV is loud in the student’s next room. Noise-canceling microphone cuts off extraneous sounds.
  4. The lesson takes place without unnecessary pauses, the participants of the lesson do not need to repeat the same thing several times.

Examples of suitable “ears”:

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A tablet for study is an alternative to a laptop. It is lighter, more compact and cheaper than a laptop. It is not necessary to buy an expensive iPad, especially for a student who has already broken a couple of phones. Inexpensive models from other manufacturers are several times cheaper. You can save the most if you buy a device without a keyboard and stylus. For a student, this is an acceptable option, the most difficult tasks can be solved at home on a computer.

  tablet for schoolchildren and students

The student should take a closer look at more advanced models. The presence of a removable keyboard will allow you to quickly type the texts of lectures, and the stylus will make it possible to enter graphic information. The advantages of the tablet also include the ability to photograph educational material. If the Internet is powered by a SIM card, the owner of the device will always be online.

Examples of suitable tablets:

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A schoolboy needs a printer to print essays, presentations, etc., a student needs to print term papers, teaching aids. In both cases, it is worth considering two types of devices: an inkjet color printer and a laser monochrome printer.

Inkjet Advantages:

  • color and monochrome printing, photo printing;
  • compact dimensions;
  • in the presence of CISS, simple refueling at home;
  • low power consumption.


  • low print speed;
  • the need to print at least 5 pages a week, otherwise the ink may dry out and you will have to contact the service.

  printer for schoolchildren and students

Advantages of lasers:

  • high print speed,
  • one refill of the cartridge will last for months,
  • low cost per print
  • technology is not afraid of downtime.


  • high power consumption,
  • lack of color printing.

If you buy a laser machine, it makes sense to look at the MFPs – models that can not only print, but also scan and produce photocopies. For a student, this will be a good option. In addition, additional features will not particularly affect the price tag.

There are also color laser printers, but they are expensive, they do not print high-quality photos, and the maintenance of such a unit will be a blow to the student’s finances.

Examples of suitable printers:

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Smart watch

In terms of functionality, smart watches can be compared with a phone, they also make it possible to make calls and while away the time playing games. The first smart watches are bought for first-graders to track their position using GPS. Another useful feature of the gadget for schoolchildren is the panic button, which the child can quickly press in case of danger. Other benefits:

  • the watch is securely fixed on the arm, children are less likely to lose or break it;
  • the display is always in sight, the child is unlikely to miss your call or SMS;
  • there is a minimum set of games in hours, the student will not hang in the gadget during breaks;
  • clock removal sensor;
  • the function “sound around”, in a simple way – wiretapping;
  • electronic “fence”: the parent receives an SMS when the child leaves the specified radius.

  smart watch guarding the child's schedule

In middle, high school and at the institute, smart watches can be used as a storage for cheat sheets. Also in many models there is a pedometer, a flashlight, a camera.

Examples of suitable smart watches:

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Electronic book

Reader is a useful device for reading lovers. The emergence of low-cost smartphones with large diagonals has not become a problem for e-reader manufacturers, since their screens are specially adapted for reading. The backlight goes around the perimeter, does not hit the eyes. The gadget understands more than 10 of the most common text formats.

  e-book as an alternative to print

When choosing a reader, be guided by the following details:

  • Screen diagonal. It is not necessary to be limited to 6 inches, younger students are more accustomed to reading large print.
  • Control method. Push-button readers are usually bought by pensioners, the child will probably be more familiar with touch controls.
  • Backlighting is a must.
  • Internet access can be by cable or Wi-Fi. Wireless models are more expensive.

It is better for a student to buy a reader with a monochrome display. The gadget can replace a whole library of paper books, but you should not get carried away reading from electronic media. When studying textbooks and fiction, the back should be in the correct position, you can not read in transport.

Examples of suitable readers:

Finally, let’s calculate the cost of the first two gadgets for first graders:

In total, the first 2 gadgets will take from 4 to 21 thousand UAH. If you buy Apple smart watches that are not included in our top pair with iPad, the budget for equipment will approach UAH 25,000. This is how you prepare for school. Gadgets for high school students and students are even more expensive.

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