The Hewlett Packard company is known to all lovers of computers and all kinds of office equipment. The HP Pavilion g6 laptop is an excellent product of this brand, which will be able to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of users. Depending on the configuration, the capabilities of the laptop differ, so you need to clearly understand what you really want from your device.

Assembly and design

You will easily recognize HP laptops. This is the same design, build quality and number of connectors. The body is plastic with a “metallic” effect. Due to the rounded corners and beveled sides, the case looks very streamlined, the lid opens very easily. The inner panel with the keyboard is made in different colors – pink, purple, light gray and gray colors, so you can choose a device for both work and home.


Here, the TN-matrix is ​​quite high-quality, which provides a good view at vertical and horizontal angles. The color rendering is excellent, the brightness settings are multi-level for any kind of WORK. However, the resolution of the 15.6-inch Liquid Crystal Screen of 1366×768 pixels is still not the best, and the video in Full HD format will not please you very much.

Keyboard and touchpad

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to print something. There is a full set of essential keys, slightly beveled to the base, and all have a long travel and excellent silent return. Although some modifications do not have a digital unit.

The touchpad is very responsive, the surface is pleasant to the touch, a little rough, the keys are pressed very easily. There is also a nice function of disabling the touchpad, made in the form of a small recess.


The sound solution is commendable. Speakers of the well-known company Altec Lansing are hidden in a special decorative grid above the keyboard. The special SRS Audio Control settings panel allows you to produce sound at the highest level even at maximum volume and at the same time forget about any other additional speakers. The case is high-quality and therefore does not resonate to the beat of the music.

Interface and ports

There are no functional connectors on the front and back panels, which allows you to install the HP Pavilion g6 laptop close to the wall, saving useful space. By the way, conservatives will appreciate the presence of a DVD drive on the right side panel, next to it – a USB connector and a socket for charging wires. On the left panel there are video outputs, electrical sockets, two audio ports and a memory card reader. In addition, there is a module of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standard 2.1.


The most important indicators in any laptop are the quality of the processor and video card. For office work, the model of the G6 series with a dual-core processor and an integrated video card is quite suitable. For entertainment and not the most demanding games, you can choose Intel and AMD processors (two or four cores) and an Intel integrated or AMD discrete video card. By balancing these characteristics, you can choose a quite good game model.

The amount of RAM and non-volatile memory is also different. It can be 2-8 GB of RAM and 250 GB – 1 TB on the hard disk. The HP Pavilion G6 2165SR model is a golden mean between all technical indicators.

Design and cooling system

The air circulation system in laptops is very well thought out, all components are protected and cooled. The built-in intelligent system can automatically turn off the cooler so that the user can enjoy the silence. In the maximum load mode, the number of revolutions of the cooler increases automatically. But after all, the cooling system must be monitored very carefully, since in this case there is a rather strong noise and significant overheating. For cleaning, you will have to disassemble the device almost completely.

Battery and autonomous operation

Depending on the installed components, the duration of operation without connecting to the network can last from three to four hours. And if you disable some modules and change the screen brightness settings, you can increase this indicator.

What in the end?

Laptop The HP Pavilion g6 laptop has high-quality workmanship and a pleasant design. Depending on the configuration, you can choose a device for various tasks: from office work to watching movies and very demanding games. The only thing is that the user will have to monitor the cooling system and clean it in time.

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