Laptops from ASUS Computer are in incredible demand. The build quality is at its best, and the price categories are designed for any needs and possibilities of buyers.

There are both budget equipment (from 10 to 15 thousand rubles), and solid (up to 250 thousand rubles).

But expensive doesn’t mean better.

We analyzed the reviews of the owners and the results of the Rostest test in 2022, selected only the best Asus laptops for you.

You will get acquainted with their technical description, advantages and disadvantages.

Rating of the TOP 18 best Asus laptops of 2022

How to choose a reliable Asus laptop?

To make the right choice, experts in 2022 recommend paying attention to the following parameters.

  1. Screen size. The most popular are 15-inch laptops. They are found in groups with budget and the most expensive equipment.
  2. Memory. To solve simple tasks from 500 GB will be sufficient. As RAM, you should choose DDR3 or DDR4, since these are modern options. To work with office programs and visit the Internet, an indicator of 4 GB is enough, for games – from 16 GB.
  3. Screen resolution. Good indicators are considered from 1366×768 pixels. More expensive models have a screen resolution of 2048×1080.
  4. CPU. Often in Asus laptops there are processors of Intel Core 7 and higher generations. The older the version, the faster the model.
  5. Battery Options. Basically, the models use a lithium-ion type of battery. It’s good if the battery lasts for 6 or more hours without being connected to a charger.

TOP 5 best Asus laptops by price/quality for 2022

ASUS VivoBook 15 X512

Nearly bezel-less compact laptop with NanoEdge display. His helpful

the area is 88%.

The user can raise the keyboard to the desired height to achieve comfortable typing.

The model has proven itself on the positive side, thanks to the effective execution of the tasks.

Modern stuffing and OS are aimed at improving the performance, operating parameters of this sample from the minimum to the maximum version. Screen resolution 1980×1080, diagonal 15.6 inches.

Provided SSD drive with a maximum capacity of 512 GB. There is DDR4 / LPDDR4 memory with a maximum capacity of 16 GB.

The equipment is equipped with many connectors, a wireless module, and a comfortable keyboard. The build quality is at a high level.


  • processor line 2 – Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7 / Pentium / Ryzen 3 / Ryzen 5 / Ryzen 7;
  • graphics card – AMD Radeon 540X / AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 / AMD Radeon Vega 10 / AMD Radeon Vega 3 / AMD Radeon Vega 8 / Intel HD Graphics 620 / Intel UHD Graphics 610 / Intel UHD Graphics 620 / NVIDIA GeForce MX110 / NVIDIA GeForce MX130 / NVIDIA GeForce MX230 / NVIDIA GeForce MX250 / NVIDIA GeForce MX330.


  • lightness and compactness;
  • good screen parameters;
  • there is a backlight in three modes;
  • quiet work.


  • slows down Windows 10;
  • noticeable overheating.

ASUS TUF Gaming FX505

Gaming laptop with powerful hardware in a compact package. Endowed

comfortable keyboard that adapts well to the gaming process.

Plus, it has full-color backlighting, a dedicated WASD combination, and accelerated key response with Overstroke technology.

NanoEdge IPS display with ultra-narrow bezels. A screen resolution of 1920×1080 and a diagonal of 15.6 inches is enough to immerse yourself in the game world.

Built-in HDD + SSD / SSD drives, there is DDR4 / LPDDR / LPDDR4 RAM with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

The device is compact and lightweight, but this does not prevent it from meeting MIL-STD-810G standards in terms of ruggedness.

This laptop has become a great gaming platform in 2022 at a reasonable price.


  • processor line 2 – Core i5 / Core i7 / Ryzen 5 / Ryzen 7;
  • graphics card – AMD Radeon RX 560X / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.


  • thoughtful keyboard;
  • rugged, compact body;
  • powerful filling;
  • quiet work.


  • insufficient display brightness;
  • few USB ports.


Budget versatile laptop for everyday tasks, with a stylish design and availability of modern technologies.

The user will be able to experience the full power of the Ryzen 3 / Ryzen 5 processor combined with up to 16 GB of RAM. The model comes in a virtually frameless body that provides a wide viewing angle.

Two drives are allocated for file storage in the form of an SSD with a capacity of up to 512 GB and a traditional hard drive up to 1 TB.

The model is great for mobile users: you can take it with you for a walk or a trip. A distinctive feature is the exclusive SonicMaster technology, which helps to achieve crystal clear sound with powerful bass and low background noise.

To reduce access time, the manufacturer has provided fingerprint authorization.

The scanner is located in the touchpad, it has a clear work. The function not only simplifies access, but also increases the level of security.


  • memory type – DDR4;
  • video card – AMD Radeon Graphics / AMD Radeon Vega 3 / AMD Radeon Vega 8 / NVIDIA GeForce MX230;
  • screen diagonal — 15.6″.


  • almost frameless display;
  • build quality;
  • good performance;
  • suitable for daily work;
  • lightness, compactness, mobility;
  • backlight.


  • battery life up to 5 hours;
  • noise under load.

ASUS Zenbook 14 UX431

This laptop can be summed up in three words: creativity, style and innovation. All

ultrabook design elements are designed to display the creative energy of the user.

Thanks to the frameless NanoEdge display, screen resolution of 1920×1080 and a diagonal of 14 inches, a relative area of ​​​​86% is observed.

Exclusive ErgoLift on-screen hinge and state-of-the-art NumberPad touchpad enhance work comfort.

The model is endowed with all the necessary connectors. Any device can be easily connected to it.

Built-in Wi-Fi wireless module with stable performance.

The ultrabook is equipped with DDR3 / LPDDR3 memory with a maximum capacity of 16 GB, SSD with a total capacity of up to 1 TB.


  • processor – Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7;
  • graphics card – Intel UHD Graphics / Intel UHD Graphics 620.


  • performance;
  • good sound performance;
  • function keys;
  • camera quality;
  • convenient sizes.


  • memory is not expanded;
  • few USB ports.


The manufacturer managed to develop a thin, light and productive laptop on latest generation AMD® Ryzen™ processor.

Thanks to him, stunning visual effects and high-quality game graphics are provided. Other than that, the processor features excellent dual storage layout. It in turn includes an SSD with max. 512 GB and 2 TB HDD.

Screen resolution 1920×1080, diagonal 15.6 inches. DDR4 / LPDDR4 RAM with a maximum capacity of 16 GB is provided. There are all modern interfaces, Touchpad positioning devices.

The capacious battery is designed for up to 10 hours of operation without being tied to charging. The model is equipped with various protection systems, including high temperatures, overvoltage, TCO and so on.


  • processor – Ryzen 5 / Ryzen 7;
  • video card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.


  • performance;
  • screen options;
  • capacious battery;
  • no overheating;
  • built-in sound.


  • flimsy body;
  • not suitable for games.

TOP 5 best Asus laptops for study and work

ASUS Laptop 15 X509

This laptop’s operating parameters are chosen so that the user can safely solve everyday tasks.

For example, visit your favorite sites, watch videos, work in graphic and text editors, create modern IT products.

The model is equipped with DDR4-2400 RAM with a total capacity of 16 GB, a diagonal of 15.6 inches, and a resolution of 1920×1080.

Files will be stored on SSD with max. 512 GB and HDD – 1 TB. Thanks to a modern video card, the picture is displayed in good quality: it will be smooth, clear, bright, juicy. Especially at night, watching movies is much more pleasant.

Users liked the laptop with its crystal clear sound, mobility, and the presence of modern connectors for connecting various devices. Perfect for study.


  • processor – Celeron / Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7 / Pentium / Ryzen 3;
  • graphics card – Intel UHD Graphics.


  • suitable for subsequent expansion of operating parameters;
  • performance;
  • data processing speed;
  • viewing angle;
  • good image quality;
  • reliable assembly.


  • webcam resolution;
  • cooling system.

ASUS VivoBook S15 M533IA

Mobile technology with a bold design that helps the user to express their individuality.

The laptop easily fits in a purse or backpack, due to its lightness and compactness. Equipped with a modern NanoEdge display with a thin bezel.

It uses a Full-HD LCD matrix. Therefore, wide viewing angles are achieved at a resolution of 1920×1080, excellent color reproduction is observed.

The device has a powerful configuration, so it processes any content faster and does not slow down at high loads.

Equipped with 8GB DDR4 RAM, up to 512GB SSD storage. The latter works in PCIe mode.

Supports Wi-Fi with perfect connection quality, various modern connectors for connecting the necessary devices.


  • processor – AMD Ryzen 4000;
  • diagonal — 15.6″;
  • video card – AMD Radeon Graphics.


  • battery life up to 6 hours;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • sufficient performance;
  • unique keyboard;
  • powerful processor;
  • good sound.


  • symbols on the keyboard.


A business laptop with superior performance, portability, autonomy and strength.

Part of the ASUSPRO series. The display has a wide viewing angle, placed in a super narrow frame. Autonomous work is designed for 16 hours on a single charge.

The model includes a full set of connectors, and meets the military standard in terms of reliability.

The ErgoLift screen hinge lifts the keyboard to a comfortable angle. Typing is faster and more convenient. The camera has additional protection to prevent its accidental activation.

Fifteen-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 displays a rich image.

Installed DDR4 / LPDDR4 RAM with a maximum capacity of 24 GB. SSD with max. 512 GB and 1 TB HDD.


  • processor – Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7;
  • graphics card – Intel HD Graphics 620 / Intel UHD Graphics 620 / NVIDIA GeForce MX110.


  • useful keyboard layout;
  • compactness and lightness;
  • strong assembly;
  • long work;
  • practically no noise;


  • no backlight;
  • proprietary utility package.

ASUS ZenBook 14 UX434

An innovative ultrabook with a stunning NanoEdge borderless display is considered the smallest 14″ model.

The main feature is the ScreenPad 2.0 touch display, which allows you to achieve a high level of comfort during work. The screen resolution is 1920×1080, its relative area is 92%, refers to the sensors.

You can work not only on a standard keyboard, but also on an additional one on the display itself.

The filling shows excellent performance in terms of creating complex documents, editing videos, data mining, photo retouching and so on.

LPDDR3 RAM with max. 16 GB and a 1 TB SSD/SSD+Optane drive configuration do a great job of storing the data you need.


  • processor – Core i5 / Core i7;
  • graphics card – Intel UHD Graphics / Intel UHD Graphics 620 / NVIDIA GeForce MX250 / NVIDIA GeForce MX350.


  • large additional screen pad;
  • convenient management;
  • good performance;
  • autonomy;
  • quiet work;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • fast SSD.


  • there are screen glare;
  • inconvenient work on the screen pad without a mouse.

ASUS ZenBook 14 UM433

Creative, stylish and innovative ultrabook with exclusive NumberPad touchpad for achieve a high level of comfort during extended work.

It has wide viewing angles, good screen parameters 1920×1080 with a relative area of ​​92%.

DDR4 / LPDDR4X RAM with a maximum of 16 GB is provided, there is a 512 GB SSD drive with M.2 / PCI-E interfaces.

Useful connectors are built in, there is Wi-Fi. You can use the equipment without charging up to 12 hours, because it is equipped with a capacious 4210 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Users have noticed small glare at the corners of the screen and a long exit from sleep mode. This significantly reduced the level of confidence in the manufacturer.


  • diagonal – 14 “;
  • processor – Ryzen 5 / Ryzen 7;
  • graphics card – AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 / AMD Radeon Vega 10 / AMD Radeon Vega 8 / NVIDIA GeForce MX350.


  • excellent performance;
  • quiet work;
  • strong body;
  • autonomy;
  • touchpad;
  • screen brightness;
  • good sound.


  • light on the screen;
  • often does not wake up from sleep mode.

TOP 5 best Asus gaming laptops

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G GA502

New laptop with exceptional performance, mobility. Quick display

240Hz / 3ms offers smooth gameplay with adaptive sync technology.

Pantone® validation shows flawless, crisp colors in-game, as well as good media and many other applications.

With Type-C charging and a long battery life of up to 5.5 hours, you can play on the road or anywhere else outside the home.

The screen resolution is 1920×1080, DDR4 RAM with an impressive capacity of 32 GB is provided..

The SSD is rated for 1TB / 1024GB / 512GB storage capacity.

There are all the necessary connectors for connecting additional gaming devices, built-in network card, speakers, microphone.


  • video card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti;
  • diagonal — 15.6″;
  • processor – Ryzen 7.


  • excellent display options;
  • good keyboard with three backlights;
  • powerful processor;
  • the quality of the video card;
  • cooler self-cleaning system;
  • convenient lid opening.


  • low screen brightness;
  • uncomfortable touchpad.

ASUS TUF Gaming FX705

This laptop has redefined the typical gaming experience.. He is

great power in a thin, durable package. The overstroke keyboard deserves special attention.

It is perfectly adapted to the gameplay.

The model has an IPS NanoEdge display with an ultra-thin bezel. It is considered an excellent gaming platform at a reasonable price.

Screen resolution 1920×1080, diagonal – 17.3 inchesmemory type DDR4 / LPDDR4 with a total capacity of 32 GB.

Users were pleased with the indicators of RAM, individual drives.

Battery life is from 3 to 5 hours, provided by a capacious Li-Ion / Li-Pol battery of 4140 … 4240 mAh. The connector interface allows you to connect various gaming devices.


  • video card – AMD Radeon RX Vega 10;
  • processor – Core i5 / Core i7 / Ryzen 5 / Ryzen 7.


  • decent screen performance;
  • reliable assembly;
  • smart work;
  • performance;
  • excellent graphics;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • pulls all modern games.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401

New in a group of powerful 14-inch gaming laptops with license software.

The latest version features an AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS processor and GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card for fast gaming and multitasking.

The display is available in two variations. Both types are Pantone Validated for excellent color reproduction.

Of particular note is the built-in audio system, created on the basis of Dolby Atoms technology and including four speakers..

Thanks to its lightness and compactness, autonomy up to 10 hours, you can take a gaming laptop with you on the road. The SSD is rated for max. capacity 1024 GB, DDR4 RAM – 32 GB.


  • resolution – 1920 × 1080 / 2560 × 1440;
  • graphics card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti MAX-Q / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q.


  • excellent performance;
  • reliable build quality;
  • powerful filling;
  • good fan performance
  • autonomy.


  • no webcam;
  • awkward keyboard layout.

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FX506

Powerful laptop for real gamers with modern hardware designed to win in any game.

The new IPS display with a refresh rate of up to 144Hz delivers a smooth, crisp, vibrant picture. The keyboard is distinguished by a convenient arrangement of the main keys, which will not let you down at the most crucial moment.

Despite its compactness, this model is endowed with a more capacious 90 Wh battery.. It is designed for battery life up to five hours.

The efficient cooling system is complemented by a self-cleaning function, which guarantees more stable operation at high loads.

The screen resolution is 1920×1080, the diagonal is 15.6″, the DDR4 memory type is 32 GB, SSD type drives are max. 512 GB and 1 TB HDD.


  • video card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti;
  • processor – Ryzen 7.


  • excellent power;
  • ease;
  • autonomy;
  • good keyboard;
  • build quality;
  • no loud noise
  • pulls undemanding games.


  • low quality USB ports;
  • screen averages.

ASUS ROG Strix G15 G512

This gaming laptop comes in two configurations that effectively match requirements of gamers.

But it has lower technical parameters. For example, battery life is only 4 hours, and DDR4 RAM is designed for 16 GB.

But noteworthy is a powerful graphics card and a six-core processor. Screen resolution 1920×1080, diagonal 15.6 inches. This is quite enough to run the necessary game, finding even the smallest details.

Modern connectors are provided for connecting various devices, especially important for a full-fledged gaming process.

There is a LED backlight for the screen and keyboard, a built-in network card. But there is no webcam, passive cooling, protection of the case from shock and moisture.


  • video card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070;
  • storage and max. volume – SSD / 1 TB.


  • excellent touchpad;
  • fast pairing of wireless modules;
  • modern filling;
  • speed, power;
  • compactness and lightness;
  • stylish design;
  • Runs all games great.

TOP 3 best Asus laptops with a touch screen

ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 TP412

Modern transformer with 14″ NanoEdge display. Has super thin

frame, so it shows excellent compactness. Acts as a tablet and a powerful laptop to perform various tasks.

The case opens 360 degrees, is not damaged after 20,000 opening and closing cycles.

The multi-touch LCD display has good sensitivity. Compatible with ASUS Pen.

To protect user data, the manufacturer has provided authorization with a fingerprint.

The scanner performs another useful function in the form of reducing the login time. There are all the necessary connectors for connecting devices, high-quality speakers, fast charging, battery life up to 10 hours.

The laptop is protected from high loads, overheating and other negative influences.

Screen resolution 1920×1080, 16 GB DDR4 / LPDDR4 memory, 128 GB / 256 GB SSD.


  • processor – Core i3 / Core i5 / Pentium;
  • graphics card – Intel HD Graphics 610 / Intel HD Graphics 620 / Intel UHD Graphics / Intel UHD Graphics 610 / Intel UHD Graphics 620.


  • juicy, bright color reproduction;
  • stylish, compact, lightweight;
  • productive transformer;
  • quality assembly;
  • sensitive display;
  • long work without recharging.


  • webcam location;
  • keyboard flexes.

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 UM462

Multifunctional transformer in an incredibly compact body with 14″ NanoEdge display.

Thanks to the unique ErgoLift hinge, you can open the display 360 degrees. Includes an active stylus and the innovative NumberPad touchpad.

The model is endowed with excellent performance due to the presence of modern filling.

Provides a more productive and comfortable user experience. Creative people will appreciate the built-in catalog of Windows Ink applications that allows you to work with audio, graphics and text documents.

Access to the laptop is provided by an IR camera with face recognition.

Provides long battery life up to 9 hours. Superbly clear sound achieved by Harman Kardon technology.

The screen resolution is 1920×1080, the DDR4 memory is designed to use 16 GB, the SSD has a capacity of 256 GB / 512 GB.


  • video card – AMD Radeon Vega 8;
  • processor – Ryzen 5 / Ryzen 7.


  • performance;
  • multifunctionality;
  • rich, vibrant color reproduction;
  • compactness and lightness;
  • convenient form factor;
  • stylish look.


  • cooling system;
  • complex driver installation.

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 UX463

The ultrabook is presented in the form of a convenient transformer with a 360-degree rotation angle.

Designed specifically for creative users with up to 11 hours of battery life and 90% screen real estate.

The resolution is 190×1080, the diagonal is 14 inches, which ensures the opening of various documents and applications in a normal, readable format.

There is an SSD with a capacity of 1024 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB, LPDDR3 RAM with a maximum capacity of 16 GB.

Users appreciated the excellent image transmission, many useful applications, face recognition using an IR camera, powerful configurations.

The latter allow you to choose for yourself the most efficient variation of a laptop with individual operating parameters. But in any configuration, a modern filling is provided.


  • processor – Core i5 / Core i7;
  • graphics card – Intel UHD Graphics 620 / NVIDIA GeForce MX250.


  • performance at high loads;
  • quiet work;
  • durable construction;
  • angle of rotation;
  • clear color reproduction;
  • an abundance of built-in branded applications;
  • brand new touchpad.


  • memory inhibition.

Which laptop is better – HP or Asus?

Users consider laptops from these manufacturers to be good and productive. But Asus overheat and break down quickly.

HP endowed with more powerful batteries and processors, but not suitable for gamers.

What to choose – the buyer decides. The main thing is to correctly assess the future tasks of the laptop, to choose the appropriate one with normal performance.

Which laptop is better – Asus or Lenovo?

If we compare the technical parameters and purpose of equipment from these manufacturers, it becomes clear that their products can significantly compete for the market leader position..

Both brands offer different solutions for everyday tasks, games, entertainment.

But Lenovo’s build quality is more lame: there are often problems with the case and the video card. Asus has a weakness in the quality of budget models. Therefore, experts recommend choosing more expensive options.

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