After a long dominance of the new software market, Windows 10 has come to be seen by some as the final branch in the evolution of the world’s most popular system. The presentation of Windows 11 refuted this point of view, but it will take more than one month until 11 wins the hearts of users. In the meantime, it makes sense to deal with the current versions of the “dozens”.

Which version of Windows 10 to choose for your home computer

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Windows 10 Pro

There are legal Windows and pirated ones. In the first case, the user pays money for the OS, and therefore takes into account the cost of the product. Professional Windows can cost more than a home of the same capacity by about 1000 UAH. For this money, Microsoft sells a number of functions, the meaning of which is obscure to most users. For example:

  • Windows Update Center for Business. Home Windows can also be updated, but the more advanced functionality of the PRO version allows you to fine-tune the updates of several PCs in the office.
  • Hyper-V tool with which you can run another Windows or Linux under the main shell. The tool is useful for programmers, software testers. There are also free virtual machines from other developers.
  • Safe boot of the operating system in terms of protection against viruses. Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft has taken security seriously. With the advent of the “tens” this trend gained new momentum.
  • bitlocker. This tool for encrypting information on hard drives and removable media has been known since Windows 7. It comes only with professional versions.
  • Group Policy Management. The PRO version includes the Group Policy Editor, you can join a domain. Actual topic for a computer connected to a local network.

  which windows 10 is better to install

Proshka is positioned by Microsoft as a product for private entrepreneurs, but there are no licensing restrictions in this regard. When choosing which assembly of Windows 10 is better to install for the home, many people stop at this particular operating system.

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Windows 10 Home

If a person buys a laptop with Windows preinstalled in a store, he usually becomes the owner of a home version of the OS. Its cost is added to the price of components, and therefore it makes no sense to put something more advanced on the supplier. If necessary, the user will be able to switch to the PRO version.

Which version of Windows 10 is better for an unassuming user? Home is a good option, it loads iron less than the others, it is easier to set up. However, the PRO version exceeds the home version by a maximum of 10% in terms of the number of running processes, occupied disk and RAM. Not a big difference.

  which version of windows 10 to choose for a weak laptop

Nobody forbids using home Windu for business. Applications included in the PRO version can be replaced by programs from other developers. With keeping records of goods, with the organization of communication with customers, with the exchange of information over a local network, the home “ten” will cope without problems. It contains the following innovations:

  • Windows Hello is a tool that supports user identification by fingerprint or individual facial parameters.
  • The Edge browser is a more competitive application compared to Internet Explorer.
  • Support for virtual desktops.
  • Quick exit of the computer from sleep and hibernation.

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Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB/LTSC

There are organizations with a clear division of functions among employees. Basically, these are companies that belong to medium and large businesses. It happens that an office employee works all day in one program. In this case, the OS functionality that provides the launch of toys and various user applications is not needed. LTSB/LTSC enterprise releases lack: Edge, Store UX, Windows Store, and related media apps. Without software that is not needed for office work, the system works faster. Its interface is more reminiscent of Windows 7. Compared to the PRO version, it has no ads.

Corporate Windows also differs in update technology. Since this is a system devoid of many functions that are unnecessary for the office, it does not need frequent updates. Windows receives only critically important updates, security is a priority, etc. It does not download raw, dubious updates. The update channels are called LTSB and LTSC. Windows LTSB came out in build 1607, and LTSC came out in 1809. More recent OSes don’t have a built-in OneDrive client. Otherwise, the functional differences are not significant. If you are looking for which version of corporate Windows 10 to choose for the office, consider the difference between LTSB and LTSC.

  which version of windows 10 to choose for games

It cannot be said that corporate Windows is a stripped-down PRO version. Instead of the removed functionality, they added to it:

  • direct access. The tool provides auto-connection of client computers to servers via the Internet.
  • AppLocker is an advanced application access control tool.
  • BranchCache – a technology for optimizing network traffic, and so on.

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Windows 10 Education

In the West, educational institutions are by no means in poverty, so the appearance on sale of Windows adapted for teaching students is not surprising. In terms of functionality, it is very similar to a corporate system. Among the differences are:

  • Software for setting up educational PCs. The system will restrict the rights of users to misuse the computer.
  • Software for testing. In the knowledge test mode, students cannot use the Internet, the clipboard, run third-party programs, etc.
  • Access to the Windows Store is open, more precisely to its educational section.

windows 10 version

Functionality is available that ensures comfortable use of the local network. For a home computer, Windows Education is not the best option, since educational and networking functionality remains unclaimed.

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Windows 10 Pro for WorkStations

For wealthy users who are not satisfied with system units assembled for ordinary buyers, Microsoft has developed an OS that can squeeze the maximum performance out of especially powerful computers. The operating system for workstations belongs to the professional family, but it costs more and has the following differences:

  • It is supplied only in 64-bit modifications.
  • Can work with 4 processors (classic PRO-version – only with two).
  • Supports non-volatile NVDIMM RAM.
  • Supports ReFS – the next link in the evolution of file systems after NTFS. One of the important advantages of ReFS is that the 255-character limit on the length of the file name and path to it has been removed.
  • A fourth mode has appeared in the power supply schemes – “Maximum Performance”. It can only be used on desktop PCs.

Among Windows 10, this version is the most technologically advanced.

Comparison table:

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Which version to choose?

The choice of Windows is affected by:

  1. PC characteristics. The minimum RAM requirement for a 32-bit “ten” is 1 GB, for a 64-bit one – 2 GB.
  2. System functionality.
  3. OS cost.

Depending on the configuration and purpose of the computer, it is usually recommended to choose from the following options:

Read on for details on the choice.

For games

To begin with, we will discard unsuitable options: the corporate and educational version. Educational is clearly not suitable, since gamers do not need university functionality. If we consider Windows LTSC, it is good in games, because it saves PC resources, but it is rarely and selectively updated, which sometimes becomes a problem. In addition, corporate Windows is intended for legal entities. The operating system for workstations is also created for completely different tasks.

When analyzing which user version of Windows 10 to choose for games, users usually come to a dilemma: Home or Pro. Pros of home Windows: minimal appetite for PC resources and low cost. The advantage of the PRO version is advanced functionality, but this Windows is more expensive.

Both systems have a built-in Game Bar, a tool that allows you to find and disable an application that takes up PC resources without leaving the game. Using the OS, you can record video gameplay.

If the computer is powerful and the financial issue does not bother, it is better to install the PRO version. If the machine is weak and the user does not want to understand the “tens” settings, it makes sense for him to stop at home Windows. At the same time, obsolete assemblies should be avoided: focus on the run-in 1903, 1909 and higher. And, of course, it is better to install 64-bit Windows on a gaming computer. For comfortable operation of the PRO version, it is enough to have 8 GB of RAM and an SSD on board to boot the system.

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For home

Microsoft’s position on the “tens” for the home is clear: buy Windows Home and don’t bother. It’s the most affordable version of Windows available, which makes sense since it’s designed primarily for entertainment, not work. Although its functionality is more than enough for 99% of freelancers and company employees who work at home. To protect against malware, as in other modifications, a built-in antivirus is provided.

An alternative option that is available for purchase by individuals is the PRO version. It has a number of functions, the relevance of which for a home PC is in question. Choosing between Home and Pro, you can follow the same logic as in the case of a gaming PC.

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For a weak laptop

The appearance of each new Windows pushes users to upgrade components or even replace the PC with a new one. However, finances sometimes do not allow buying fresh iron every 3-4 years. Hence the relevance of the topic: which version of Windows 10 to choose for a weak PC or laptop. Of those recommended by Microsoft for home use, it makes sense to consider the 32-bit Home version. It will start with 1 GB of RAM, it can work with RAM up to 3 GB. Excess memory, if any, will remain unclaimed. When choosing between 32 and 64-bit Windows, you need to consider the availability of suitable drivers.

An alternative option is Windows LTSC. However, in this case, it is problematic to buy an OS for a private owner, since it is intended for legal entities. An option for users who are not looking for the easy way out is to download a free trial. It does not require activation within 3 months. You can extend the trial period three more times using the command slmgr.vbs /rearm. This simple method gives you the opportunity to get a year of free use.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that usually the user has a choice between the home and professional versions. If you wish, you can install Windows Home, and then, if something is missing in it, choose one of two options:

  • add functionality using third-party programs;
  • upgrade to the PRO version using a paid key for the corresponding “tens” or in another way.

But upgrading from Windows PRO to Home will not work. You can only reinstall the system.

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