1. Quality of the highest class

Each Apple computer embodies hundreds and hundreds of hours of painstaking work by many talented people.
Better materials, efficient production, optimal arrangement of components inside a thin case, improvement of familiar parts and development of original solutions – Apple spares no effort and time for this. And legendary attention to any little things. All this provides not only aesthetic, but also engineering perfection to Apple technology.

2. Job satisfaction

Mac computers are not just beautiful – they are very pleasant and convenient to work with. Day by day.
“Made by people for people” is the main rule that has been in effect at Apple since the company was founded. It was Mac that became the first computer with a mouse, it started the crazy popularity of USB, only it has incomparable trackpads. The new generation of professional MacBook Pro also received an OLED Touch Bar, which makes the usual programs much more convenient.

3. The most modern operating system

Any Mac works faster and more stable than any other computer with similar characteristics.
Close integration of “iron” with macOS, Apple’s proprietary operating system, ensures maximum use of Mac computing resources. Therefore, even an Apple computer released a few years ago will remain an effective tool even in professional fields. In addition, every detail of macOS is not only pleasing to the eye, but also makes Mac much more convenient than any other computer.

4. Antivirus is not required

The “virus hell” that Windows users are used to is not a phenomenon on the Mac today.
Thanks to its UNIX base, macOS is still the most secure of the popular operating systems. The very nature of macOS eliminates most of the nastiness that Windows systems experience all the time. In addition, Apple is constantly working to improve the security system of macOS. So the only antivirus you really need is your own common sense.

5. If necessary, add Windows

You can install Windows on any Mac and work with the programs you need. Or play any game.
Certain applications exist only for Windows, but for Mac computers this is not a problem at all. Special emulator programs allow you to run most Windows applications directly in macOS, which will even be able to interact with Mac applications. For maximum Windows performance, you can install a second operating system on a Mac. Own in both worlds – this can only be said about Mac.


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